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I'm Yukiko Amagi and welcome to Amagi Inn. Maybe I'm not that smart at giving advice or helping the visitors, but I always trying my best to help.

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Measuring Up


He at first didn’t notice her as he was busy, but the question made it apparent who she was talking. He smiles and nods his head, “Yeah, it’s not that hard to blow off the teacher’s insults. I heard that he spends his time at home thinking of new ways to belittle us.” He answers chuckling slightly as he zips up his book bag. “Oh, please forgive me. I’m Kinjiro.” He adds on intentionally omitting his last name.

"What’s your name?" He asks curiously. His demeanor was currently laid back as long as he could refrain from saying his last name out in public.

It was unexpected that he’ll smile back to her and answer her random question since he haven’t talked to any other classmate. Let out a slight chuckle as he mentioned about the teacher.

"Well that was also what I’ve heard from the others."

"No, that’s okay. I should be the one who need to introduce since I’m the one who approaches towards you. By the way, I’m Yukiko." She shakes her head as he trying to apologize at her.

This should be fine right? Making some new friends, though the raven-haired rarely to talk with the male but she need a good start.

Measuring Up


He tried to make himself as out of mind as he possibly could, but from what he was overhearing from the other students, his attempts failed to meet his expectations. He lets out a heavy sigh and does what he can. He keeps up mildly well with Morooka’s lectures due to his old schooling. 

He was high strung, very anxious to get out of class for the day, not so much for the shit talking that Morooka does on the daily basis, but to avoid a lot of social interaction, by the time classes were over, he was rather dazed from trying to keep up with Morooka’s lectures.
His parents being the way that they are brought many problems upon him, but did nothing to solve any of them. He takes a light breath and starts to pack up his things, taking meticulous care with several items.
"This wasn’t awful, but it could’ve gone better." He mutters to himself, leaning over his bookbag, his hair dangling in the air, no longer hiding a set a marks on his forehead. He doesn’t pay his hair much mind as he isn’t expecting anyone to talk to him.

The day doesn’t seem different than usual days she attend, though there’s a transfer student  but no one seems busy with that. It’s already afternoon and the school ends just like that. Yukiko have a few chat with Chie before she went home by herself and told her that she have an errand to take care.


She move her vision to the back seat where the transfer student sat, she wondered if he already make friends today though she just saw him sat there all day even at lunch. She stood up after tidy up her book into her bag and walked towards him. She wondered if she just greet him first or not, but made up her mind and ask him first.

"Hey, are you getting used to this class?" She gave a warm smiles as she used to,

Measuring Up


Kinjiro enters Mr. Morooka’s class early and lets him know that he’ll save him time and not introduce hiself. He was planning on avoiding people from seeing his face and knowing that his family’s the new financial managers for Junes. He takes one of the farthest seats in the back and keeps his head down as he waits for class to start.
His shirt too big for him but tall enough to be comfortable in dangles from his chest, stopping only three or four inches from his shorts. He hadn’t gotten much sleep so he wanted to rest, but he didn’t want people to find out who he is.

Since morning, all the students in class has been talking about another transfer-student that’ll be attending in their class. Yukiko just known about it and she’s kinda curious what kind of person that went to this "awful"-to-be-told class since Mr. Morooka always feel annoyed with any people that keep coming to this school lately.

Class has started and indeed a transfer-student come in and stood there without said any word but it kinda weird that Mr. Morooka also not mentioned his name, yes he’s a male student and with "unusual" uniform though some student wore that kinda of uniform but not in the class for sure. He just lowered his view and avoiding making an eye contact to any student though the females seems talking about him continuously.

After few word from the teacher, he walked to the back seats not that far from hers. Yukiko just took a glimpse worry that the teacher will be getting noisy when she did that, but he still looking to other way. She thought to herself, maybe she should ask him later after school or something.

Unusual meeting || @amagiyukiko


As they both walked towards the mall itself, he noticed her turning around to look at him. Making him think she’s about to say something in which he said. “Hm? What is it, Yukiko? Oh I see now, but if you do um like change your mind and is going to ship for the rest of the day, I’ll help you out okay?”

There were lots of people there, thought it wasn’t crowded or had a sea of people around the area. It was a lively place to be in and the scent of Japanese cuisine came into Zack’s sense of smell. “Oh well you lead the way then Yukiko. Yes hanging out on the food court is a nice idea, all this food is getting me hungry. They smell delicious!” The food court was a little walk away from their current area and he can already smell what’s cooking, though he doesn’t know what food was it.

And…um I think I just said “Yes” to a um…date? Something like that? Oh no way, I mean but…um, there’s always that moment when um maybe one of her friends of people she knew will come here and like I thought about a while ago. They’ll think we’re dating, we’re girlfriend and boyfriend…in which in reality. We’re not at all. He thought to himself, following Yukiko.

"Don’t worry about that for now~" She smiles once again.

They took the elevator and went to the highest floor, the elevator also filled with many people that went to shop. As soon as the arrived at the top, the food court there many people as always that hanging out, there also children running around happily.

They walked on the side where the food stands selling varieties of food. Yukiko searching through looking for light meal so she won’t gain much weigh as she ate it. She noticed that Takoyaki stand not far from where she stood. Before she walk towards it, she looked back at Zack. He looks like he’s thinking about something that makes him looked somewhat blushing a bit.

"Something in mind, Zack?" She tilted her head.


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Unusual meeting || @amagiyukiko


"Hmm..okay then, Yukiko." She sounded like she’s nervous about something, maybe they’ll get to meet her friends along the way and they’ll think that she’s dating him or that he’s her boyfriend. Then as they walked towards the river bed, he thought of other things that she might be thinking about it, in which was making her nervous. 

Then he saw at the distance in which the huge department store was, the one in which Yukiko was talking about a while ago. He followed her index finger’s direction, pointing towards the department store. “Oh I see, that’s nice. Its not that far from where we are a while ago. So I’ll help you out in the shopping then, Yukiko!” He was still wondering what is she being nervous about though.

The weather still the same since morning and it didn’t seems showing any dark cloud anytime soon, which is great to know so they can walk around the Inaba much longer.

Yukiko turned her view towards him, she let out a little laugh since Zack always brought up about helping her all the time.

"I don’t think I’ll do some shopping for the rest of the day, we’ll just hanging out at the food court and grab some meals." She found out that Zack kinda funny for a soldier that facing a real battlefield.

>Many people gathered at Amagi Inn for some reason

"God! Where do you guys come from—- I-I mean,welcome to Amagi Inn! Can I help you?" Yukiko flustered.


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