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Just chilling (CLOSED RP W/amagiyukiko)


"Alrighty then….where shall we go?" he asked, standing up and digging his hands into his jacket pockets. 

"Anywhere is fine with me." She gave a thought for a while. “Wanna grab some food then?”

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Sparks and Flames || @amagiyukiko


"I see" he says placing his headphones on his ears again, he always hated the loudness of the mall, but enjoyed the lively hood of it. He notices how some people that walk past them wave to her with smiles on their faces "You seem quiet popular around here"


The jingle of the Junes theme song keeps playing loudly as if they are trying to covers the loudness of that place.

She looked back at him with a wryly smile on her face. Indeed that many people that passing her gave her a slight smiles, greets her, or even a hand wave. “Ah, you notice that huh? Well as you know the Inn become more popular lately and I’ll be running the Inn pretty soon.” She gave a slight nod.


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Unusual meeting || @amagiyukiko


"Oh yes, it is a big city and is still under construction, Yukiko." He responded with a nod, then went to follow the direction to where her index finger is pointing at. It was pointing at a huge building that was not far from the riverbed itself. "Oh I see."

Then she asks about if there is an ongoing conflict happening to where Zack is living, he replied. “Well sort of, but its been pretty peaceful to where I live Yukiko.” 

"Oh I sure appreciate it though, Yukiko. Oh that’s nice and kind of you." Smiling to her back at this. 

"I see, that’s good to know somehow knowing that the place is still peaceful place to living for." She let a relieved sigh knowing he still enjoy living there. Though there are still may things that came across her minds and wanted to ask him. But in the other hands she didn’t want to pry on his business.

She replied to his other words. “Well sometimes it’s hard to be nice around people though.”

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Return to Inaba || narukami-the-king




"But I’m not sure where we can go due to this rain. Is there anywhere in particular you wish to go?"

she blinked a few times. “Ah, now that you mentioned it. I don’t really know where to go, actually.”

She looked to her feet and make a spoke quietly.How about your place?

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Just chilling (CLOSED RP W/amagiyukiko)


"Indeed…say…are you doing anything right now? Why don’t we go walk and chat?" 

"Well, not really. But sure why not?" She nodded. It’s been a while since Kanji asked her to hang out.

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Sparks and Flames || @amagiyukiko


Azure sees the people walking around the stores, grabbing items, singing tunes, chatting and all around having a good time “For a small town, there seem to be a lot of people here” he says rubbing his chin “Is there a sale or something”


She looked to the entrance and around the stores, many people like always that didn’t really surprise her since this is the only department store that they have in Inaba. “Yes, indeed. Well it always has many customers here and more of them on the weekend.” She nodded. “I don’t think they have a sale for now though, as far as I know.” She lost in thoughts.