Yes, I am. I think I need some more sleep.

You could say both of us that need to rest right now..

Well I’m not even doubting that you’re Yukiko, I’m just a bit surprised.

That’s all.

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It just me or I really almost reach 500 followers?

Maybe the counter is acting up.



Thank you as well. I think I must be hallucinating.

Maybe hallucinating is the right word to describe this situation.

I’m Yukiko, you’re Yukiko as well— by any chance?

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I was thinking the same thing, actually.

I’m not sure what’s going on here.

Maybe I just tired.

Now she replying my post.

Whoever you are, thanks for following~

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Well no one knows how I’ve been doing on these days.

Blogging just mu excuse for refreshing.

Now I’m seeing myself following me, maybe I just tired.

                              Independent Yukiko Amagi RP Blog

Sadly I don’t have a cool image for the banner or anything because I’m terrible at image editing, so here’s the one from P4AU promo stuff.

                           ● 3 years of RP experience on and off of Tumblr. 
                            I’ll RP with other fandoms but only if I know about
                              them personally.
                           ● Perhaps occasional NSFW but I’m not too sure at
                               the moment. If so, it will be tagged, I promise! c:
                           ● Open to any and all criticism.
                            Open to any timeline or AU, really.
                           ● Skype available upon asking.
                            Fine with most kinds of RPs.                                      

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Name: Gita

Nickname: (anything is fine)

Birthday: December 6th

Gender: Female

Sexuality : Heterosexual/Straight

Height: 5’1

Time zone: GMT +7:00

What time and date is it there: Well at the time I post this 08:22 PM and it’s 22/09/2014

Average hours of sleep I get each night: Wat sleep? well about 4 hours a day probably?

OTP(s): Mainstream OTP and non-mainstream

The last thing I googled was: Type of question that fit to junior high

First word that comes to mind: Potato

What I last said to a family member: "I want sleep"

One place that makes me happy and why: I dunno, maybe home? but sometime it make me sick to be at home.

How many blankets I sleep under: Well, one. Just a slight breeze at night sometime.

Favorite beverage: Tea, Milk tea to be specific.

The last movie I watched in the cinema was: I don’t really remember since I rarely watch at the cinema.

Three things I can’t live without: Video games, internet, pencil and sketchbook.

Something I plan on learning: I want to try to learn more about designing game and dress. I love designing.

A piece of advice for all my followers: Please be yourself, I know we have special things that we have and that’s why we live in this world ‘cause that special things can make people proud and happy.

You have to listen to this song: - (I don’t really have specific song that you need to listen anyway)

My blog(s): amagiyuki (Yukiko gender-bend) twinsflowers (OC RP blog) junesdepatmentstore (AU employee of Junes)

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It's tiring week before, now I've regain all my voice and I can sing again~!

I think I missed many things as I'm not online yesterday..

I won't reply any RP today, somewhat I want to rest but I want to post a or some munday since it' Monday today..

Roleplay Starters
❂ -- It's incredibly hot outside and my muse is trying to persuade yours to go swimming together.
☁︎ -- A dream (or nightmare) about your muse.
❆ -- It's snowing and my muse slips on ice, accidentally crashing into your muse.
☯ -- My muse meets yours in a tranquil setting.
✆ -- A text message from my muse.
◎ -- It's raining and my muse finds yours outside completely drenched and crying.
☂ -- My muse encounters yours just as it starts to rain.
✑ -- Something my muse has written about your muse. ( Could be a letter, drawing, etc. )
↭ -- My muse is lost and stops to ask your muse for directions.
⌖ -- My muse's reaction to accidentally shooting your muse.
◌ -- Some of my muse's thoughts about your muse.
☉ -- My muse is undressing when your muse accidentally walks into the room.
✬ -- My muse conveys one of their wishes to you.
¤ -- In some turn of events, your muse ends up staying with mine.
❅ -- Our muses are trying to warm up after spending a day outside in the snow.
♪ -- My muse walks in on your muse singing to themselves.
❊ -- My muse gives yours some flowers.
❁ -- My muse's reaction to receiving a rose from your muse.
✧ -- A kiss from my muse to yours.
◎ -- My muse's reaction to being kissed by yours.
♡ -- A romantic gift from my muse.



There is no need to make preparations yet, I’m not going there right now. I’m just thinking about the idea. And you are correct, I am Mitsuru Kirijo. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

I see.

Just give the inn a call when you or the company need reservation, because the inn had been busy with big reservation lately.

Pleasure to meet you too, I know from a friend of yours.